Terms and Conditions

Zeroth: Thanks for participating in Vindow L.L.C.'s Dollar Bill Registry Program. We at Vindow L.L.C. would like to express our deepest and most heartfelt welcome to using our site. Now, we know why you are really here to find out how to get your wish, prayer, blessing, command, demand, and/or request made and we will make one serious attempt to fullfill your written petition under the following conditions.

First: The dollar bill can be of any denomination. The valid dollar bill must be legal United States currency that is in our database and has been in general circulation for a minimum of two years. We ask that the bill be in spending condition; meaning that it is not heavily marked with additional writing and that the serial number must be legible and not ripped or torn. Normal wear and tear is to be expected, but we will not honor a defaced bill.

Second: Every time an immature dollar bill is checked against the database the date of the bill is reset to the current day's date.

Third: The owner of the dollar bill must communicate to us how they would like to redeem their dollar in written form and be willing to have a documentary photograph or video taken for posterity. Once the dollar bill changes hands. We ,Vindow L.L.C., have a full 24 hour day's time to attempt the completion of the written "Wish", "Prayer", "Blessing", "Command", "Demand", and/or "Request". Once the time has elasped or our attempt was deemed unstatisfatory by the individual who is redeeming the dollar. We will reimburse the person for the dollar bill they gave. We will produce another dollar bill with a "Benjamin Franklin" on it, also known as a "one hundred dollars bill" for their trouble. We, Vindow L.L.C. , will be given a reasonable amount of time to withdraw the necessary funds from the nearest finacial insitution capable of completing such a transaction.The time will vary depending on the day of the week, National, and Federal Holidays. Notes avaible in bank's reserve may effect delivery date. If there are no notes in the Federal Reserve, we will contact the Treasury department and have some made in an appropriate quantity to complete our transaction and attempt to prevent future delays in case Vindow L.L.C. does not successfully statisfy our pledge to grant a "Wish", "Prayer", "Blessing", "Command", "Demand", and/or "Request" for a valid dollar bill.

Fourth: An order can be used to prepare for a future wish,prayer,blessing,command, demand, and/or request. It must go through the same process as a regular wish, but there can only be one such order at a time. The scope of the order cannot exceed a single individuals lifetime. A check will be made atleast once every day, at maximum once every hour, for a potential valid dollar bill through the appropriate channel of communications. If a valid dollar bill is found it will become current, but after twenty-four hours the focus will shift back to the order. These orders can still be nullified by other valid dollar bills if that dollar bill is specifically requested to do so.

Fifth:The owner of a valid dollar bill cannot redeem for a prize more that once in a seven day period and the same wish,prayer,blessing,command, and/or request cannot be made in a four year period, except if the request is for a cart full of groceries. Carts must be the standard size of the supermarket chain of their choice. Groceries are all goods and merchandise on the sales floor that can be scanned out of a conventional local supermarket that are not locked up.

Sixth: We do not work on Holy day's or Saturday. Unless it is to play on the football field during the a regular season or baseball in footballs off season.

Seventh: If a Valid dollar bill exchanges hands and somebody else, who has not made an attempt at a wish,prayer,blessing,command,and/or request in the last seven days comes forward with another valid dollar bill. The newest dollar bill becomes current and the previous dollar is void. We, Vindow L.L.C., will attempt to tell the previous owner that their dollar bill has been voided with documented proof of the event.Voided dollar bills are not worth a "one hundred dollars bill" to the previous owner. Void dollar bills are not allowed to go back into regular circulation and a special process is involved in its reappropriation to the government.

Eighth: We at Vindow L.L.C. are not responsible for any actions taken by groups or indiviuals to obtain these federal reserve notes. What they do with the dollar bills until they get to us is none of our concern. We, Vindow L.L.C. , makes every effort to exercise good judgement in our attempts to fullfill the participants petition, but we will not willingly violate the laws of man and infringe on any inalienable rights setforth in the consitiution of the United States. Federal, State, and Local Laws will be observered within reason. Our goal is to document the successful transfer of currency; exchanging from one hand to another.Vindow L.L.C. and it's employees are not responsible for any perceived chains of events. Any events that transpire after a successful or unsuccessful attempt does not leave this company legally or morally responsible for any harm, destruction of property, chaos, or mayhem.Likewise, any laws, executive orders, peace accords,treaties,and/or armistices that result are not because of Vindow L.L.C. or its affiliates. This process is to make the world a better place to live, but we know that everyone's view of progress is different and would like to stress the importance of understanding and cooperation between all Peoples, Nations, and Cultures.

Ninth: No Order, Wish, Prayer, Blessing, Command, Demand, and/or Request can be made to circumvent the established rules setforth in these terms and conditions.

Finally: These Conditions are not subject to change! After the first successful redemption of a dollar bill the above terms will be set in stone for all future generations to reference at a later date.